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SWR Pipes & Fittings:

·         SWR pipes and fittings make leak-proof joints that are maintenance and replacement free.

·         High degree of accuracy at manufacturing ensures perfect dimensional control.

·         SWR pipes and fittings are non-reactive to most acids, alkalis, effluents, salt, minerals etc.

·         SWR pipes and fittings withstand high flow rates and due to smooth surface there is no scaling or depositions or choking.

·         UV Stabilized to protect from direct sunlight while being operational.

·         Light weight of the product facilitates easy and inexpensive transport and installation.

·         PVC-U is a non-conductor of electricity, and therefore is not subject to galvanic or electrolytic action.

·         Does not support fire and provides good resistance to combustion.

·         Corrosion and rust proof which confirms longer durability of the product.





·         Integrated rings are permanently positioned at the manufacturing stage itself which ensures easy and quick installation

·         The elastomeric EPDM rings ensures hydraulic tightness, enables the joints to withstand high pressures (5kg/cm2)

·         The integrated ring ensures leak-proof joints that can sustain thermal contraction and expansion.

·         Unlike conventional rubber rings which may slip out of the groove during installation, the pre-fitted ring holds itself and stays attached to the groove by the plastic reinforcement that enables the joints to become 100% leak proof.

·         Fittings with integrated rings are manufactured using PVC-U Granules in place of dry blend or powder which makes the fittings look glossy and gives the product high aesthetic value.

·         Joints can be made without the use of solvent cement and can be easily re-opened later for any adjustments if required.

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