PVC Column Pipes

Finolex Column Pipes


Finolex PVC-U column pipes are suitable for water extraction from the bore wells. These pipes are uniquely designed and manufactured using lead free compound on highly advanced, state-of-the-art CNC machines. Finolex column pipes have been designed to withstand system load comprising the weight of the pump, water and pipes with an adequate factor of safety.

Finolex column pipes offer many advantages, thereby emerging as the best alternative to conventional metal pipes.

Column pipes are light weight, have a high tensile load capacity, leak proof joints, have a long life, and are economical. Its square threaded coupling joint ensures ease of joining as well as an optimum load holding capacity. A high torque resistant locking system and specially designed rubber “O” ring ensure trouble-free operations.

Our stringent quality assurance approach across all stages of manufacturing gives the product a high degree of reliability, making Finolex column pipes a preferred choice for farmers, users in domestic and commercial establishments, and quality-conscious people across the country.

Finolex offers column pipes in Coupler and Bell End variants in standard lengths of 1.5 and 3 meters. These pipes are available in sizes between 25 and 100 mm (1” to 4”) diameter with a full range of pressure ratings in V4, Crystal, Medium, Standard, Heavy, and Super Heavy type as per requirements based on installation depth from 100 to 400 meters.

Column Pipes
Features & Benefits
  • Lead-free
  • Anti-abrasion and anti-corrosion properties ensure long life
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Lightweight, easy to handle and transport
  • High torque resistance locking system ensures stable joint
    High torque resistance locking system ensures stable joint
  • Easy to install

Column Pipe Applications

Column pipes are ideal for both urban and rural applications as they are used for efficient water extraction from borewells in either area.

Technical Details

Square threads
Column pipes are provided with square threads for coupling joints. Due to their unique design, these pipes can withstand considerable shock, jerk load and pressure at full capacity when operational. Square threads ensure ease in joining with a high load holding capacity.

Specially designed “O” rubber ring:
Made from EPDM rubber. It makes joints watertight and absorbs pump vibrations to ensure trouble-free operation, which extends the life of the motor and pumps Rubber Ring bearings.

Unique Locking System:
A high torque resistance and double locking system are provided by using brass riveting, which promises extra safety in the long run.

Thick and Thin Construction:
Finolex Column Pipes are specially designed and manufactured to compensate for material removal during the threading operation by maintaining a thick section at the threaded end of the pipe. For the remaining pipe, a thin size is maintained. This manufacturing process promises additional strength at the threaded end.

Additional information


• Pump delivery pressure should be less than the selected hydrostatic allowable pressure of column pipes.
• Bore-well drilling should be straight down without bending.
• During the dry run of the pump, the heat generated may damage the column pipe. In such a case, the initial 3 meter steel pipe must be connected directly to the pump for proper heat dissipation, before it reaches the column pipe.
• The diameter of the tube well shall be at least 2” to 2.5” more than the diameter of the pump.
• Always mount the split clamp on the pipe below the coupler at the top.
• If the pump does not have open discharge at the well head, another non return valve should be installed at the well head between top connector and system to be connected.
• Do not use pipes with damaged/scratched ends as such a joint may leak or fail.
• Check pipe threads are not damaged and clean it with normal water to avoid forceful jointing.
• Don't use any chemical for cleaning the pipe thread.
• Ensure that rubber gaskets supplied with the pipe are properly placed in the groove on the male threads of pipe.
• Use plain water or soapy water for thread cleaning.
• Do not apply grease, oil or any other lubricant on the threads.
• Joint one pipe after the other. Tighten pipes by strap wrench so that 50% of the rubber-sealing ring on male thread end gets into the seat of coupler female threads.
• Do not over tighten the pipes as it may result in crushing of rubber seals leading to leakage/pipe crack.
• Do not use a pipe/chain wrench to tighten the joints.
• Don't hammer the pipes during assembly.



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