Sustainability is an integral part of who we are as a company and how we do business. It’s not just the products we create, but our alignment with all our stake holders, neighbouring community, optimal usage of natural resources and generally accepted principles on Environment, Social Responsibility, and Governance. Finolex pays utmost attention to energy and resource conservation. Be it energy saving or optimization, we keep working towards the overall goal of sustainability. Our approach has been recognized in the past, both at the State and National levels, through various awards.


Recent Recognition

Best Safety Practices Award 2015 – National Safety Council

Green Manufacturing Excellence Award 2014: Certificate of Merit, Believers category from Frost & Sullivan.

Water Company of the Year Award by the National CSR Leadership Congress & Awards

Bluedart Global CSR Excellence and Leadership Award for “Support & Improvement in Quality of Education”



At Finolex, we respect, protect, and make efforts to maintain the ecological balance. Environment protection is an integral part of all our activities. An environment management cell operates to monitor & control the environment parameters at all sites through regular audits which are reviewed by the management. Our Ratnagiri Plant is certified by DNV for Integrated management system inclusive of ISO-9000 for QMS, ISO 14001:2015 for EMS and OHSMS 45000 for Safety and Health. All our pipes plant conform to the relevant pollution control standards. Our polymer product replaces the need for metals, protects the surfaces from corrosion, and provides clean corrosion-free, energy-efficient and durable water transportation system.


Pollution Control

Our PVC resin plant is designed based on a German technology and is closely monitored & controlled by a computer based system. No untreated uncontrolled emissions are released in the environment. Stack gases and chimney vents are monitored regularly by independent agencies of repute. Flue gas from the power plant, stack as well as aqueous effluent are equipped with online monitoring systems connected directly to the State Pollution Control Board servers. Ambient air quality is monitored as per national standards. Air samples at various locations are collected regularly throughout the year following best practices.


Water Harvesting



Finolex has built a dam on a river Thorli, 7 km away from our Ratnagiri plant. This dam has resulted in recovering a rainwater runoff which would have otherwise flown off to sea. It has helped in increasing the groundwater table in the surrounding area.


Rain Water Harvesting

Finolex has built two large capacity surface water reservoirs lined with geomembrane at our plant in Ratnagiri with a capacity of 3 lakh cubic meter each. Reservoirs use the natural terrain aiding maximum harvesting of rainwater.


Effluent Recycling

Out of 3000 cubic meters of influent water, aqueous effluent generated every day at Ratnagiri, close to 50% effluent is treated to boiler feed water quality and reused in the plant.

The remaining effluent is fully treated to meet Maharashtra Pollution Control Board norms in our technologically advanced effluent treatment plants with primary, secondary and tertiary treatment facilities. Treated water is then used for irrigating our plantations spread over 150 acres of the green corridor within plant premises.

Finolex has adopted the principle of zero liquid effluent discharge at its facilities. We ensure no effluent is allowed to be released outside our plant untreated. Close monitoring is done through round the clock vigilance checks at the plant.


Green Belt

An old barren land which existed at plant site before 1990 has been transformed into a lush green belt of today. More than 50,000 trees of various species including mango, cashew, coconut, Acacia and so on are planted in an area spread over 150 acres.


Solid Waste Management

Finolex is committed to world-class solid waste management practices at its plant. All hazardous solid waste is disposed off through an authorized waste disposal facility at Mumbai Waste Management in Taloja. Electronic waste is disposed off through Eco Recycling Limited, a Maharashtra Pollution Control Board approved facility.

Compostable canteen waste is processed through machines which convert waste food to organic manure. Green garbage is crushed and converted to pellets used in our canteens as fuel.

We minimize the generation of plastic waste as a policy. All plastic waste is fully segregated and recycled.


Noise Pollution

Plants ensure that noise levels are maintained within levels prescribed by respective state authorities. Noise is monitored at various locations in the plant. In high noise areas, such as compressor and blower houses, HSE guidelines ensure wearing ear protection (ear muffs and earplugs) as a mandatory requirement.


Energy Saving and other initiatives

Raw material and chemicals consumption is very closely monitored and losses are kept at a minimum. Finolex consumption figures are comparative to similar industry benchmark worldwide.

We have taken up a drive to replace our lighting with power-saving LEDs.



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