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A legacy that endures

For us at Finolex, sustainability is not something new. It has been our very essence over the years. Anything we do, has to be done well. With an intent to make a lasting difference, and to still be thriving when we see that difference being made. Our every action takes into account the larger picture, right now, and into the future. Like the farmers we work for have taught us, the seeds of big ideas we plant today, will only bear fruit in the future. And we have the patience and the will to wait. Whether it is our products, processes, profits, plants, or our parivaar – our family of employees, farmers, dealers, stakeholders, and the communities we work with – or the environment, our every step keeps them all in mind. We invest in them, in their future, and in our collective future. We are here for the long run, so we act accordingly. For us sustainability is not lip-service. Instead it is nurturing a legacy that endures.

    • Valuing long-term relationships

      Finolex doesn't have employees, dealers, retailers and customers. We just have one big family – the Finolex Parivaar! We help each other when in need, we support each other in crisis and we trust each other implicitly. It's a bond that has been formed since the beginning, with trust and respect being earned on both sides, inspiring us to constantly delight our family members in new ways. This tapestry of collaboration and trust has been woven over generations and will endure for generations to come, just like the pipes and fittings we make.

    • Empowering independence

      Beside enhancing our customer’s lives with our products, we also provide education, skill development and occupational training – to women, to make them independent and self-reliant so they can provide for their families – and to children so that, when we create opportunities for them. This may in turn, create opportunities for others.

    • Uplifting communities sustainably

      We strive to bring about change that spreads through communities and sustains for generations to come. We see our initiatives affecting not just individuals but whole communities. Our initiatives in education and training bring about paradigm shifts that lift up not only an individual but their whole community for generations to come. We are here to spark a myriad such shifts.

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    • No shortcuts to sustainable profits

      At Finolex, we are only interested in long term growth in a sustainable manner. We are a business that aims to survive for generations – no compromises on quality, hard work and integrity. The trust we have built is a result of our values and that is what we need to continue to deliver.

    • Our greatest assets

      The Finolex parivaar is our strength. Every pipe, fitting and business decision we make is focused at how we can help our customers and our planet thrive. And it is the integrity, hard work and focus of our family of employees who make this all possible. Every member in our parivaar is essential to our growth and sustainability.

    • Our Path to Sustained Growth

      Nurturing every member making products that can be trusted, and caring for the planet and the most vulnerable people in our country is our collective purpose. We put the same energy into making the most durable pipes and fittings we possibly can, and try to constantly outdo ourselves. It is for those that depend on us that we must keep evolving getting better at what we do and give back more to our society and our planet.

    • Conserving water is preserving life

      Water is the life sustaining force on our planet this precious resource, we in turn conserve our environment, our planet, and life on this planet. We take on this immense responsibility by harnessing rainwater, maintaining and building water reservoirs, tanks, channels and pipelines, and also by increasing access to clean water by installing water purification and sanitation systems in schools and villages. Ensuring that pure water keeps flowing, like life.

    • An inheritance for future generations

      At Finolex, we weigh our every action and the impact it can have on the future, mindful of our responsibility to our communities and our planet. Our efforts to conserve water, clean beaches, improve soil fertility, educating and empowering women to become self-reliant and educating children opportunities – these are all milestones on the path to a bright and plentiful future. Our prosperous future and the planet’s, are one and the same.

    • Positive power

      Global climate change is a reality. The effects are already being felt. We are already contributing to tree plantations, the maintenance of hydroelectric power stations, and employing new techniques and technologies to make our own operations more energy efficient.

Finolex pipes & fittings uses in agri / Plumbing

Benefits of purchasing Fionlex products

Finolex pipes & fittings uses in agri / Plumbing
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Benefits of purchasing Fionlex products

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    Finolex Industries Limited (FIL) is India’s largest backward integrated and most trusted manufacturer of PVC-U pipes and fittings for the plumbing-sanitation and agricultural sectors. FIL was established in 1981, making PVC pipes from a plant in Pune, Maharashtra. Today, it has two strategically located plants in Maharashtra, at Ratnagiri and Urse, and a third in Masar, Gujarat. With a distribution network that covers 900 dealers and over 21,000 retail touchpoints, all interconnected through nine branch offices across the country. Offering a wide range of products in various sizes, pressure classes and diameters suitable for diversified applications across the two main categories of Plumbing-Sanitation and Agriculture. Including agricultural pipes and fittings, casing pipes, column pipes, sewerage pipes, SWR pipes and fittings, ASTM pipes and fittings, CPVC pipes, and solvent cement for pipes and fittings across applications.

    With a focus on creating the strongest, most reliable, and longest-lasting products possible, we have earned the faith of farmers, builders, industrial giants and their next generation - reliably, efficiently, and flawlessly. And we haven't stopped there. Over the last 40 years, our company-wide family has devoted itself to bettering our manufacturing process and product quality through research, innovation, and cutting-edge technology. Upstreaming our value chain to manufacture our own PVC resin. Continuously innovating and evolving to stretch ourselves further and out-perform our own expectations.

    We have never lost sight of our roots and the need to nurture them by creating opportunities for the lesser privileged in our country. Through educational, social welfare and healthcare initiatives, we strive to elevate these communities above their circumstances to access self-reliance, prosperity, and fulfilment – to enjoy a transformation that is self-sustaining. We want the very same for the environment. Any initiative we undertake to support our environment has to have an eye on the far horizon. Whether it is water conservation and treatment or tree planting, it has to be sustainable. We believe that nurturing our roots, and the earth and water that nourishes them, leads to towering possibilities for the future of our country.