Solvent Cement & Lubricants for Agriculture PVC Pipes

PVC Solvent Cement & Lubricant For Agricultural Pipes

Finolex solvent cement is manufactured under license from Invogue Labs Inc. New York, U.S.A and with our strict in-house quality controls it guarantees superior quality, every time. Our solvent cement facilitates strong and consistent joint between pipe to pipe, fitting to fitting, or pipe to fitting combinations.

Finolex solvent cement can be dependably used in agriculture, sanitation, PVC-U and CPVC plumbing.

With our advanced R&D initiatives, we have developed low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) products to ensure thehigh-quality performance and installation, while being environmentally friendly and beneficial to the applicator.

Solvent Pipes
Features and Benefits
  • Benefits - Environmentally friendly
    Environmentally friendly due to low VOC emission.
  • High-quality applicator for user-friendly and smooth application.
  • Colour coded solvent packaging
    Colour coded solvent packaging for ease of identification and inspection.
  • Finolex lubricant is a non-toxic, soft paste like material that is non-flammable.

Application for pvc solvent cement

Solvent cement facilitates strong and consistent joints between pipes, fittings, or pipe to fitting combinations.

Technical Details


• Low VOC solvent cement.

• The container (tin) has unique design with cap having integral brush. This ensures air tight closure and eliminate any contamination.

• Lubricant is used for easy installation of Ringfit pipes of all types. It helps for smooth insertion of Pipes & Fittings.

Additional information


• Avoid prolonged breathing of solvent vapors. It is recommended to wear a mask when working in enclosed areas.

• Keep cement away from all sources of ignition, heat, sparks and open flame.

• Keep containers of cement tightly closed after use.

• Avoid eye and skin contact.

• Store solvent cements and piping component in cool area.

• Brush must be clean and dry before commencing solvent welding process.

• System should be pressure tested before concealment.

• Do not attempt cementing in the rain or in the presence of moisture.

• Solvent cement should be used within the expiry period mentioned on the container.


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