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Finolex offers an extensive range of agriculture PVC-U pressure pipes and fittings. These pipes and fittings are designed specifically for varied pressure and gravity flow applications in agriculture, irrigation, swimming pool applications, and domestic water supply including potable water supply.

Finolex agriculture PVC-U pressure pipes offer significant advantages. They are light in weight, easy for transportation and installation, and have a high flow rate. High resistance to chemicals and corrosion ensures an extended product life.

Stringent quality assurance approach across all stages of manufacturing gives the product a high degree of reliability, making Finolex agriculture PVC pipes a preferred choice for farmers, government institutions, domestic and commercial establishments and quality conscious people across the country.

Our agriculture pipes and fittings are recommended for water temperatures ranging from 1°C to 45°C. As the usage temperature increases, the strength of the pipes reduces along with the working pressure.Occasional rise in temperatures in the summer with concurrent reduction in temperature during nights has no adverse effect on the working pressure of pipes.

Finolex agriculture PVC-U pipes are manufactured in a wide range of sizes and pressure classes conforming to standard IS 4985:2000. These agriculture water pipes are available in sizes ranging from 20 to 400 mm in different pressure classes. They are available in two types of joints, Selfit (solvent cement joint) and Ringfit (rubber ring joint).


Conforming to IS 4985
One end of the Selfit pipe is self-socketed and the other is plain. The snug fit of one pipe into the other due to the self-socketed and plain pipe fitment and solvent cement application, eliminates the use of any couplers.


Conforming to IS 4985
Finolex Industries introduced this unique range of PVC-U pipes for the first time in India. These pipes are especially designed for higher diameter requirements and eliminates the need for solvent cement. The range includes sizes from 63 mm to 400 mm diameter; in 2.5,4,6,8, 10 and 12.5 kgf/cm2 working pressure classes.

PVC FITTINGS (Moulded & Fabricated)

A wide range of moulded fitting manufactured as per the IS 7834 standards are available. We also manufactured fabricated fittings.

Agriculture Pipes




Features & Benefits
  • Increased product life as these pipes are free from weaknesses caused by scaling , rusting, weathering and chemical action
  • All Weather Jointing
  • Ringfit pipelines can be tested and put to immediate use after jointing as there is no curation period needed
  • Non-reactive to acids, alkalis, effluents, salt, and minerals
  • Smooth inner walls minimize frictional losses and scaling due to precipitation
  • In ringfit pipe deflection of pipes due to soil shifting and land contour can be easily accommodated up to 2 degrees per joint


PVC-U pipes are used for efficient transportation of water in agriculture and allied applications like:

Agriculture Pipe Applications: Irrigation schemes
Irrigation schemes
Agriculture Pipe Applications: Potable water supply lines
Potable water supply lines
Applications: Biogas plants
Biogas plants
Agriculture Pipe Applications: Rising main and distributing lines
Rising main and distributing lines
Agriculture Pipe Applications: Main lines for sprinkler and drip irrigation
Main lines for sprinkler and drip irrigation
Applications: Household

Technical Details


For Ringfit Pipes :

1. Cleaning : The surface dirt, grease or moisture must be removed with a clean dry cloth.
2. Rubber Ring fitment : Take rubber ring & clean for surface dirt of any & insert in pipe groove by hand.
3. Cutting : The pipe must be cut in a square shape. The base of the fitting socket needs a rubber ring to seal it, since an angled cut may result in leakage.
4. Chamfering and cleaning : The surface dirt, grease or moisture must be removed with a clean dry cloth.  A 10° – 15° chamfer must be made at the end of the pipe.


5. Lubricant application : Apply even layer of lubricant on rubber ring and outer diameter of pipe prior to insertion.
6. Assembly : Push the pipe in integrated ring socket till end.

For Selfit Pipes & Fittings:

1. Measuring : Measure the required length of pipe and marking done.
2. Cutting : The pipe must be cut in a square shape. The base of the fitting socket needs a rubber ring to seal it, since an angled cut may result in leakage.
3. Deburring & Chamfering : All the burr must be removed from the inside and outside of the pipe with a knife, file or de-burring tool. A 10° – 15° chamfer must be made at the end of the pipe.
4. Cleaning : The surface dirt, grease or moisture must be removed with a clean dry cloth.
5. Check Dry Fit : Using light pressure, the pipe should be inserted one third to half the way into the socket. Note that pipes and fittings that are too tight or too loose should not be used.

6. Solvent Cement Application : An even layer of cement should be applied to the outer side of the pipe and a medium layer of the solvent cement to the inside of a fitting.
7. Assembly : Join the pipe and fitting socket till in contact with the socket bottom. Hold the pipe and fitting together until the pipe does not retract. The excess cement can be removed from the exterior surface of the pipe and fitting. A properly made joint will show a continuous bead of cement around the perimeter of the pipe and fitting.




PVC-U Solvent Cement for agriculture applications up to 110 mm (4”) (As Per IS 14182)

ml 100 250 500 1000 5000
Container Tin Tin Tin Tin




Finolex Agriculture Rubber Lubricant is used for installation of Agriculture pipes and fittings with Rubber ring.

gms 50 100 250 500 1000
Container Plastic Container



PVC-U Solvent Cement for high diameter agriculture applications above 110 mm (4”) (As Per IS 14182)

ml 250 500 1000 5000
Container Tin Tin Tin can


Outside diameter
of pipe
Outside diameter
of pipe
Approx No. of
Joints/Ltr. of
Finolex Solvent Cement
20 ½” 300
25 ¾” 250
32 1" 225
40 11/4” 175
50 11/2” 130
63 2” 125
75 21/2” 100
90 3” 75
110 4” 50
140 5” 35
160 6" 28
180 7” 25
200 8” 15
225 9” 12
250 10” 9
280 11” 7
315 12” 5
355 14” 3
400 16” 2

Additional information

1. The pipes should be laid on a firm soft surface.
2. The pipes should never be laid on rocky surfaces and where sharp objects may damage pipes.
3. The pipes are not suitable in waterlogged areas.
4. The pipes should not be laid on stilts, stubbed columns or supports.
5. The ring fit pipes offer the flexibility of movement of 2 degrees in each joint.
6. The pipes should be laid at sufficient depth below the ground to avoid damage due to the movement of heavy vehicles or machines.


• Pipes conform to IS 4985 (Bureau of Indian Standards).

• Fittings manufactured as per IS 7834 (Bureau of Indian Standards).

• Approved and tested by Central Institute of Plastics Engineering and Technology (CIPET).

• Approved and tested by SGS laboratory.


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