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For Pipes & Fittings with Integrated Rings

1. Pipe Cutting: The pipe must be cut in a square shape. The base of the fitting socket needs a rubber ring to seal it, since an angled cut may result in leakage.

2. Remove Burr and Bevel: All the burr must be removed from the inside and outside of the pipe with a knife, file or de-burring tool. A 100 – 150 chamfer must be made at the end of the pipe.

3. Cleaning: The surface dirt, grease or moisture must be removed with a clean dry cloth.

4. Pipe Insertion: The pipe needs to be inserted into the socket without the integrated ring, make a mark along the pipe.

5. Applying Lubricant: Lubricant should be applied to the rubber ring on the socket end of the fitting, as well as on the chamfered end of the pipe.

6. Join Pipe and Fitting: The pipe should be pushed firmly into the socket till the gap between the mark on the spigot and the socket is about 10mm to allow for thermal expansion.



Solvent Weld Joining Method

Steps 1-3 can be repeated as mentioned above.

4. Check Dry Fit: Using light pressure, the pipe should be inserted one third to half the way into the socket. Note that pipes and fittings that are too tight or too loose should not be used.

5. Solvent Cement: An even layer of cement should be applied to the outer side of the pipe and a medium layer of the solvent cement to the inside of a fitting.

6. Join Pipe and Fitting: Join the pipe and fitting socket till in contact with the socket bottom. Hold the pipe and fitting together until the pipe does not retract. The excess cement can be removed from the exterior surface of the pipe and fitting. A properly made joint will show a continuous bead of cement around the perimeter of the pipe and fitting.


FINOLEX SWR Solvent Cement & Lubricants 


Selfit Finolex pipes and fitting are best fixed with Finolex PVC-U solvent cement only. The bonding takes place due to a chemical fusion of the mating surfaces. For faster plumbing and leak proof joints, we recommend using Finolex PVC-U Solvent Cement for SWR applications.

Integrated Ring type pipes & fittings form a better joint with the use of Finolex SWR Lubricant.






Handling and Storage

·         Stack the pipe length telescopically on a flat base.


·         The stacking height should not be more than 1.5 meter.


·         Store fittings under a covered shade. The components must not be unpacked until required.


·         While storing the pipes, the larger diameter pipes must be stacked at the base, and the smaller pipes can be stored inside the larger pipes. Ideally the stack should contain similar diameter sized pipes.


·         The pipes must be covered with an opaque sheet when being stored in an open space where they will be exposed to sunlight.


·         Masks and gloves must be used while applying solvent cement.


·         All the material must be stored in well ventilated and dark conditions.


·         Solvent cement and cleaning fluids must be stored in a cool place which is not exposed to direct sunlight and away from any source of heat.


·         Pipes and fittings must not be thrown, dropped or dragged along hard surfaces.


·         PVC pipes must be handled carefully in very cold conditions when the impact strength of the material is reduced.


·         In case of mechanical handling, protective slings and padded supports must be used. Metal chains and hooks should not come in direct contact with the pipe.

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