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Finolex SWR pipes and fittings are used for soil, waste and rain water management. These products are lightweight and easy to install. These 75mm to 160mm pipes & fittings are used for non-pressure plumbing applications that discharge wastewater without leakage. The pipes are manufactured according to internationally accepted quality standards and IS specifications. Finolex SWR pipes are free from scale formation, rusting, weathering and chemical action. These pipes are immune to bacteria, fungi, micro-organisms, rodent and insect attack. The pipes conform to IS: 13592, while the fittings are manufactured as per IS: 14735. Finolex SWR pipes and fittings are a permanent solution for sanitation and drainage systems, and are also cost effective compared to other conventional drainage systems in the market.


Finolex SWR pipes and fittings can be joined together with an integrated ring or a solvent weld i.e. Selfit System. Two different classes of pipes, type A for rainwater and B for soil, waste and vent are available. Selfit fittings are fused with socket joints using solvent cement which makes a permanent homogeneous joint. SWR Pipes and fittings with integrated rings are manufactured on state-of-the-art extruders and socketed on online belling machines. The integrated ring which is pre-fitted in the groove of the socket is permanently positioned by the advanced co-moulded plastic unlike conventional rubber rings which have a tendency to come out during fitment. This forms a watertight joint and absorbs the linear expansion and contraction, keeping the seal intact. These techniques are very simple, and ensure a 100% leak-proof system at a low installation and low maintenance cost. The pipes offer extremely smooth bores, leak proof joints, and a good hydraulic capacity over the total life of the system. Finolex SWR pipes and fittings are UV stabilised and can be installed outside the building.




Finolex SWR pipes are manufactured in a way that one end of the pipe is plain, while the other is self-socketed. This is done on sophisticated automatic machines for high accuracy. The best feature of these pipes is that they can be easily joined with the use of solvent cement and they form a permanent water tight joint which is very durable.




Finolex SWR pipes and fittings with integrated rings support easy and quick installation as the integrated ring is pre-fitted in the groove of the socket remains permanently positioned. The joint is made simply by pushing the spigot end into the socket end. No solvent cement is required to make joints.





•       Waste discharge system in residences, commercial complexes, resorts, hospitals, academic institutes.

•       An ideal replacement for CI and GI piping

•       Venting of gases and odours in domestic plumbing

•       Non-pressure industrial drainage application (based on chemical compatibility)

•       Rain water transportation and harvesting for residential & commercial buildings.

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