• SWR Nahani Trap Without Jali - Short
  • SWR Nahani Trap Without Jali - Short

SWR Nahani Trap – W/O Jali

AS PER IS: 14735

Experience a hassle-free solution for draining wastewater from bathrooms and wash basins with the Finolex SWR Nahani Trap. This trap effectively directs the water to the main pipeline, ensuring a smooth and efficient drainage system. Its unique design doesn't include a jali, providing uninterrupted flow while preventing unpleasant odours. 

Dimensions of Nahani Trap without Jali

Nominal Dia
Nominal Dia (Inch) A L a b d e
Material  Code Standard Pkg.
110 x 75  4" x 2½" 124.00 85.50 45.20 205.00 75.00 2.50 7697 24
110 x 110  4" x 4" 124.00 86.00 43.00 194.00 110.00 3.00 7698 24
* All dimensions in "MM"                

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  • What is the depth of a Nahani trap?

    The depth of a Nahani trap fitting may vary depending on the specific model, but typically ranges from 75 to 100 millimetres, allowing for effective water drainage.

  • How to install a Nahani trap for SWR pipes?

    To install a Nahani trap for SWR pipes, begin by cutting the pipe to the required length. Connect the trap to the pipe using appropriate fittings, ensuring a secure and watertight installation. Seek professional guidance if needed.

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