People makeIt Happen

FIL team, Chinchwad, Pune

In a business which involves manufacturing and customer interface for brand promotion and sales, it is critical to employ the right people who have the ability to leverage market opportunities.

At FIL, we understand the critical role that intellectual capital plays in maximising gains from the massive Indian opportunity. As a result, we are constantly investing in developing our peoples’ capabilities through constant skill enhancement training and the adoption of a learning-based culture.

Fostering human capital

We focus on continuously upgrading and building the skills of our employees through various programmes which include orientation, internal and external skill training, managerial and leadership training. In addition, we have initiated digital training programmes to empower our employees to leverage digital technology. Competency mapping forms the basis of our training programmes, whereby the competency gaps of employees are identified and the necessary training is provided.

Safe and conducive work environment

We have undertaken initiatives towards ensuring a healthy and safe work environment for the physical and psychological well-being of our employees. At our manufacturing plants, we have regular safety-related training and drills conducted for our employees. We have incorporated relevant techniques and methods to prevent any kind of work-related hazard. We have also developed a standard work procedure for operations, maintenance and emergency response and control.