Strong Governance & Transparency- Professional Management

At FIL, we have a high regard for governance and transparency. Throughout our journey, we have adhered to all the regulatory requirements and giving out necessary information across the public domain. We have developed a robust code of conduct that defines the responsibility and expectation from our employees.

FIL policies

We have well-defined policies with regard to sexual harassment of women at the workplace, whistle blower, corporate social responsibility, nomination and remuneration, related party transactions, Board diversity and material subsidiaries. We ensure that these policies are strictly followed.

Familiarisation programme for Independent Directors

All Independent Directors are provided with information related to the Company, their roles, rights, responsibilities within the Company, the nature of the industry in which the Company operates, and the business model. Periodic presentations and quarterly updates are provided to make them aware of the Company’s progress. The Directors also have complete access to all information related to the Company and are given the opportunity to meet without the presence of the management.

Code of conduct

We have developed a robust code of conduct for our Directors and Senior Management guiding them to use due care and diligence while performing their duties and to recognise their primary responsibility towards our shareholders. Additionally, detailed information relating to the code of conduct has been provided to all the Directors comprising information of roles, functions, duties, appointment policy, etc.