Non-Agriculture Segment- The Future of FIL’s Growth


FIL’s non-agriculture segment caters to the growing requirements of the housing, industrial and construction sectors. These products play a crucial role in creating efficient and enduring infrastructure for each of these key sectors.

We undertake regular marketing initiatives which include conducting plumber meets, promoting our products at CREDAI and Indian Plumbing Association seminars as well as organising factory visits.

Finolex FlowGuard Plus CPVC – the product of the future

CPVC is the latest in plumbing technology invented and pioneered by Lubrizol, USA. Finolex FlowGuard Plus CPVC pipes are an excellent alternative over conventional materials as they can withstand higher temperature variations. They are widely used in homes, hotels, hospitals as well as manufacturing plants.

Reassurance of Finolex FlowGuard Plus CPVC pipes and fittings

  • Ideal for hot water up to 93°C

  • NSF certified raw material

  • Lowest bacterial growth

  • Safe for potable water systems

  • Outstanding fire safety profile, does not support fire

  • Insulated properties resulting in high energy saving

  • Strong quality control hence no batch variation

  • No corrosion thus uncompromised water quality

Collaboration with Lubrizol

In line with its culture of providing quality Made in India products for the Indian markets, FIL joined hands with Lubrizol Corporation, the inventors and the largest manufacturers of CPVC compound worldwide, to manufacture and market CPVC pipes and fittings in India.

In March 2017, FIL launched the first range of Finolex FlowGuard Plus pipes and fittings which has been highly appreciated among the various end-user segments and has brought in renewed interest among the dealers (both existing and new ones).

Products Offered

Finolex FlowGuard Plus CPVC pipes and fittings

  • Finolex FlowGuard Plus CPVC pipes

  • Various types of Finolex FlowGuard fittings

Sewerage pipes (Underground Drainage Pipes)

  • Selfit sewerage pipes

  • Ringfit sewerage pipes

SWR pipes and fittings

  • SWR Selfit pipes

  • SWR pipes with integrated rings

  • SWR Selfit moulded fittings and SWR fittings with integrated rings

Plumbing pipes and fittings

  • Heavy Pressure Plumbing Pipes

  • ASTM PVC-U Pipes

  • Various types of fittings

Solvent cement

  • Medium duty PVC-U Solvent cement for plumbing applications

  • Heavy duty PVC-U Solvent cement for plumbing applications

  • PVC-U Solvent cement for SWR applications

  • CPVC solvent cement for hot and cold water plumbing applications

  • Rubber Lubricant

  • Primer

Non-agriculture opportunities

1 Cr

Houses proposed to be constructed by 2019

5 Lakh

Ponds to be constructed for drought proofing

60 %

Targeted coverage of sanitation in rural areas, up from 42% in October 2014