Features & Benefits


  • Finolex ASTM plumbing pipes and fittings have lower installation and maintenance cost.


  • These pipes are strong yet light, therefore easy to handle and transport.


  • The mechanical strength of Finolex ASTM plumbing pipes and fittings makes them suitable even in varying conditions.


  • Finolex pipes have adequate tensile strength and can withstand internal operating pressure (within acceptable range of temperature)


  • Finolex pipes are tough and durable.


  • Finolex pipes are unaffected by termites, fungus or bacteria and rodents. These pipes are opaque hence no algae forms in them.


  • Finolex ASTM plumbing pipes and fittings are immune to galvanic and electrolytic action.


  • Finolex ASTM plumbing pipes and fittings are lead free, corrosion free and chemical resistant. They are unaffected by presence of acids, alkalis, organic chemicals, oils and fats. Therefore most appropriate & safe for carrying drinking water.


  • The pipes are UV stabilised to protect them and the water they carry from direct sunlight after installation.


  • Due to their smooth inner surface, Finolex ASTM plumbing pipes and fittings allow flow of water for long period as compared to traditional piping systems.


  • Finolex ASTM plumbing pipes are self-extinguishing and do not support combustion, therefore they are ideally suited for use in residence buildings and other constructions.


  • Finolex ASTM plumbing pipes offer low thermal conductivity, therefore there is no external ‘sweating’ of the pipes.


  • Finolex ASTM plumbing pipes can be cut to required measurement and joined easily without threading operation.


  • Finolex solvent cement offers quick and 100% leak proof joints.

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