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People habituated to using GI piping systems will surely find a great alternate solution in Finolex ASTM Plumbing Pipes and Fittings. Finolex offers two types of ASTM pipes threaded and plain ended solvent weld. They are technically superior, cost effective and offer many advantages over the traditional GI piping system. In simple terms they are the most suitable and economical solution for distributing potable water. These pipes are lead free, UV stabilised and light weight which makes them easy to transport & install. Finolex ASTM pipes are functionally most suitable for all plumbing applications.

These white plumbing pipes are available in sizes ranging from 1/2″ to 4″ in schedule 40 and schedule 80 series as per ASTM D 1785 standards.


All ASTM plumbing fittings are manufactured as per ASTM D 2467 standards and are primarily white in colour. The complete fittings range is available in the schedule 80 series.


Areas of Application


Finolex ASTM Plumbing pipes are designed for potable water distribution as well as plumbing.

It can be successfully used in the following applications:


1. Cold water plumbing applications in buildings.


2. Piping system for swimming pools.


3. Pipes for hand pumps


4. Salt water lines


5. Water distributions mains


6. Ring lines / Down take lines


7. Aggressive corrosive fluid transportation


8. Industrial process lines.(Based on chemical resistance chart)


9. Sugar, Paper and distillery lines.


10. Plants and tanning plants


Note: Not suitable for compressed air and gases.




ASTM plumbing pipes are manufactured as per ASTM D 1785 and are available in Sch. 40 and 80 pressure classes. The maximum continuous service temperature for Finolex PVC-U plumbing pipes is 60oC. The ASTM Pipes’ abrasion resistance, light weight, mechanical strength, toughness and durability are the key reasons for it’s used in construction and building applications.


These pipes are available in a standard length of 3 meters and 6 meters in both plain and threaded ends. The threads are compatible with GI fittings as per IS-554. ASTM threaded pipes are economical as compared to conventionally used G.I. pipes and offer all the advantages of plastic piping system.





ASTM Plumbing Solvent Cemented Fittings

As per ASTM D 2467 in Schedule 80 series


Fittings for ASTM Plain ended pipes are available in Schedule 80 series and are white in colour. They can be joint by using solvent cement this also makes it a permanent homogeneous joint. Such joints are also referred to as cold welded joints. Cold welding is a great joining system as it ensures 100% leak-proof plumbing.



Certificates and Approvals


1. Conforms to ASTM D 1785 and ASTM D 2467

2. Tested and certified at Central Institute of Plastic Engineering & Technology (CIPET)

3. Tested and Certified at SGS Lab

4. Recommended by plumbing consultants around the country

5. Successfully installed and approved in various recognised large scale private organisations


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