Square threads

Column pipes are provided with square threads for coupling joints. Due to their unique design, these pipes can withstand considerable shock, jerk load and pressure at full capacity when operational. Square threads ensure ease in joining with a high load holding capacity.


Specially designed “O” rubber ring:

This ring is made from EPDM rubber. It makes joints watertight and absorbs pump vibrations to ensure trouble-free operation, which extends the life of the motor and pumps Rubber Ring bearings.


Unique Locking System:

A high torque resistance and double locking system are provided by using brass riveting, which promises extra safety in the long run.


Thick and Thin Construction:

Finolex Column Pipes are specially designed and manufactured to compensate for material removal during the threading operation by maintaining a thick section at the threaded end of the pipe. For the remaining pipe, a thin size is maintained. This manufacturing process promises additional strength at the threaded end.

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