Finolex Product Catalogue

Category Sub Category Products
Agricultural Pipes and Fittings Agriculture Pipes and Fittings PVC- U Selfit Agriculture Pipes
PVC- U Ringfit Agriculture Pipes
FTA(Female Threaded Adaptor)
Reducing  Tee
Reducer Brush
Tail Piece
MTA (Male Threaded Adaptor)
Service Saddle
End Cap (Plain/ Threaded)
Fabricated Coupler
Fabricated Bend 90°
Fabricated Reducer
Fabricated Repair Coupler
Column Pipes PVC-U Column Pipes
Casing Pipes CS Casing Pipes
CM Casing Pipes
Screen Pipes with Ribs
Solvent Cement Regular PVC-U Solvent Cement for Agriculture and SWR Applications
Plumbing and Sanitation Pipes and Fittings ASTM Pipes and Fittings Heavy Pressure Plumbing Pipes
PVC-U SCHD 40 and 80
Reducing Bush
Tank Nipple
Reducing Tee
FTA ( Female Threaded Adaptor)
MTA (Male Threaded Adaptor)
Tee: (Plain/Threaded*)
MTA (Male Threaded Adaptor)Brass Insert
FTA (Female Threaded Adaptor)Brass Insert
End Cap
Pipe Clips
Elbow (45°)
Female Threaded (90°) Elbow Brass Insert
Female Threaded Tee Brass Insert
Cross Tee
Step Over Bend
Reducing MTA (Male Threaded Adaptor) Brass Insert
Reducing FTA (Female Threaded Adaptor) Brass Insert
Compact Ball Valve
CPVC Pipes and Fittings CPVC Pipes
Compact Ball Valve
Cross Tee
Elbow (90°)
Elbow (45°)
Elbow Brass-Insert
End Cap
MTA ( Male Threaded Adaptor)
MTA(Brass Insert)
Reducing Tee
Step Over Bend
Tee(Brass Insert)
Transition Bush
Reducing Elbow
FTA (Female Threaded Adaptor)
FTA (Brass Insert)
Tank Nipple
Reducing Bush
Sewarage Pipes Underground Sewerage Pipes
SWR Pipes and Fittings SWR Selfit PVC Pipes
SWR Ringfit PVC Pipes
Bend 45 °
Saddle Strips
Plain Tee
Door Tee
Plain Band
Door Bend
Y (Plain)
Y (Door)
Y (Double)
Y Double (Door)
Vent Cowl
Cross Tee(Plain/Door)
Reducer (Eccentric)
Reducinf Tee (Plain/Door)
Cleaning Pipe
Reducing Y
Nahani Trap
Multifloor Trap
WC Connector
Gully Trap
Pipe Clips
Access Door with Door Cap
Lip Seals: (For WC Connector / P-Trap)
P Trap
Q Trap
S Trap
Solvent Cement Solvent Cement for Hot Water Plumbing Application
Heavu Duty PVC-U Solvent Cement for Plumbing Applications above  500 MM-2′
Medium Duty PVC -U  Solvent Cement for Plumbing Applications  Upto 50MM
Regular PVC-U Solvent Cement  for Agriculture  and SWR Applications
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