PVC-U column pipes


Finolex PVC-U Column Pipes are unique pipes designed with unique tricks and using highly cutting-edge CNC machines. Finolex PVC-U column pipes made from proprietary lead free compounds provide excellent hassle-free performance. These pipes are available in the full range of pressure ratings of Economy, Medium, Standard and Heavy in standard lengths of 3 meters. The Square Threaded Coupling Joints ensures high tension strength with the ease of real joints. High torque resistant locking system and specially designed rubber “O” ring gives hassle-free operation.

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Introduction about column pipes


The performance of the PVC-U column pipes is uncomfortable. These are chemicals and antifungal pipes. Column pipes’ soft interior wall prevents crushing on pipes and efficient friction with energy saving during operation is less efficient. Column pipe threads do not break / clips out and are not brittle, even if they are loose or how often. These pipes are available in a variety of ranges ranging from 25mm to 100mm (1 “to 4”).


Square Threads


Column pipes for coupling joints are provided with square threads. Due to its unique design, this pipes can face deep shock, shock load, and pressure on full capacity during operation. Square threads ensure the joints easily in the joint with much tensile strength. Brass riveting, using high torque resistance and double locking system is provided, which provides extra protection in prolonged time.


Typically designed “O”rubber ring


This ring is made of EPDM rubber, which tightens the joints and absorbs the vibrations of the pump so that there is no hassle operation. Finolex columnpipes are specially designed and manufactured, so as to keep the thick section on the threaded end of the pipe, the material removal during the threading operation is offset. For the remaining pipe, a thin size is kept. This production process not only reduces the consumption of raw material but also strengthens the threaded thread of the pipe.


Features and benefits


1. Finolex column pipes are Lead (Lead) and these have biodegradation oriented production techniques.

2. More tensile strength

3. Easy to carry or take from being light weight.

4. Strong Strength Strength

5. Specially designed square threaded profiles give pipes to favorable durability

6. EPDM “O” Rings giving hassle-free operation and complete slice joints

7. Non-toxic, rust and anti-rustic, anti-frictional and antitoxic properties which give long life to pipes

8. More economical than Mild Steel (MS) pipes

9. Smooth internal surface of pipes reduce the energy consumption by uninterrupted water flow and increase the pumps

10. Get more water than conventional Metallic pipes from wells

11. More torque-resistant locking systems and accuracy-made square threads ensure excellent mechanical strength

12. Column pipes are ideal for urban and rural bore well works.


Usually Technical load chart


The technical comparison for load load on Top Pipe and Brackage Load of Finolex Standard Pipes is given in the following table. The details below are just the indications of the loads, which indicate the design of pipes, the adequate safety factor has been considered.

Note: The total weight of the assembly is greatly reduced, because the flow of bore well has the ability to swim in the water. (It has not been counted in the above description)

Fraction head in the pipe is directly proportional to the length of the pipe and proportional to the diameter. Should be the first thing on the delivery head. Determine the length, length, and head hue in the diameter pipes between the suction level and the delivery level.

Friction in the long pipeline should be calculated using the given technical table of 100 meters friction Hanio. It can be seen in the above table that, in high-diameter pipes there is a low frictional head loss, it is helpful in reducing the load on the pump, which increases its age.




Headloss and Discharge Comparison for Finolex Heavy Column Pipe and GI Pipe for installation at depth 137m (450 ft)

1. Due to the depth of the pump, head loss = 137meters = 450ft both, if there is a phenolex column pipe and steel pipe.

2. See the above Technical Tables for head loss due to friction for both pipes

A) 50mm (2 “) frictional head loss for Heavy Finolex column pipe = 10.244 mtrs / 100mtr

Taking the working range of discharge as 18m3 / hr

18m3 / hr = 300lpm

Fighter head loss is for 137 mtrs = (137/100) x 10.244 = 14.034 meters

Total head loss on the pump with Finolex column pipe = 137 + 14.034 = 151.03 meters

B) Head loss due to friction in steel pipes

According to table for steel pipe 21.12 meters / 100 meters

Fractional head loss for 137 meters = (137/100) x21.12 = 28.93 meters

Total head loss on the pump with steel pipe = 137+ 28.93 = 165.93 meters

Different head loads are displayed on the pump in the same work environment from the above two calculations for Finolex column pipes and steel pipes. In accordance with the pump chart, compared to the steel pipes, the depth from the Finolex column pipe and 10% to 30% additional water discharge is available as per the pump discharge. Netizen power and pumping time save a lot.


Additional Information


Important tips


The pump delivery pressure should be less than the selected hydrostatic valid pressure of the column pipes.

During the column pipe installation near the pump, maximum hydrostatic delivery pressure is generated and in the same way, on the upper pipe, the entire load of column pipes, filled with water and pump is applicable.

Two categories of column pipes of the same size can be used to save the cost of deep borewal with more pressure pump. The heavy pipe can be connected directly to the pump after some height, and where there is a loss of delivery pressure, standard pipes can be used in the top. Do not use Pipes of V4, Medium or Crystal Range in such a matching system.

Column pipes offer the best service in full-neck bore well. Open roads and borewells free of soil or mud also work better. In the case of open stones and mud or mud bore well, some big bore wells or full casing are advised to prevent the pump from blocking, where operating bore well is direct to bending without excavation.

During the dry run of the pump, the heat generated can damage the column pipe. In such a case, 3 meter steel pipes are advised, which connect directly to the pump so that the heat dissipates before reaching the column pipe.

Dry running situation can be resolved by placing a hand driven valve in the top of the borewell and keeping it partially open. So that the flow of water is limited and the pump is not dried.




What is UPVC?


UPVC ie unplasticized poly vinyl chloride. Unplasticized PVC strengthens any product. Finolex column pipes are made of compounds that are non-toxic, anti-corrosive, anti-rustic, anti-frictional and decay-resistant. These properties give longevity to the pipes, as well as the modifed (modified) UPVCs with higher traction strengths, as well as high tensile strength.


What is the life span of UPVC pipes?


UPVC pipes in India show more than 50 years of age, with appropriate storage from proper usage and sunlight.


What are the benefits of UPVC pipes?


The use of UPVC pipes is saved in the cost and power of pipes and they give 30% more water, it saves time in handling and provides longer operational duration.


How does it affect the quantity and quality of water??


Over time, steel pipes carry rust, they decay and water quality decreases. But phenolex column pipes are rustproof throughout their lifetime. Therefore the quality of water is always good and fresh.


Whether the strength of the UPVC can be compared to the steel pipe?


Specific Gravity of UPVC is 1.4-1.45gm / cm3, while 8gm / cm3 of steel pipe Given the robustness of the material, they have been designed favorably to make the weight light, without compromising on the requirements.


What depth can be kept down to pipes?


Pipes should be carefully selected by experiment. Which is based on the pump delivery head and maximum valid pressure. Depending on the level of water in the bore well, the depth of the bore valle can vary from everywhere. Finolex offers a variety of pipes as per the customer’s requirements for various depths. Up to a depth of approximately 275m (900ft.), 50mm (2 “) heavy column pipes can be produced in the bore well.


Is an adhesive necessary to connect pipes?


No solvents are needed in this work.


Can we re-thread the column pipes?


In normal usage situations, re-threading of column pipe is not necessary and these are special threads that can not be created on the site.


How to make pipes?


Tie the pipe with hand and rope so that the rubber seal is fully penetrated in the coupling pipe.


Do Column Pipes Need Billing in Bore?


Casing should be given where loose soil is bore well. Kacing is not necessary if the clay is tart or not to leave the grip. The age of the pump is dependent on clean water. If the water is dirt, then there may be problem of blocking the pipes and failure of the pump.

Open boulders and stone areas should be made full (full) casing or slightly larger bore, so that the pump is not stuck.


Why is the density of pipe thickness?


Keeping the pump weight, water column weight and pump delivery pressure, the thickness of the barrel has been designed. The tip of the pipes has been made thick, so even after making threads and removing the material, the same barrel thickness inside threads remains intact. Therefore, the strength of the pipes on the ends and in the barrel is maintained uniformly.


What happens when the bore is full ?


Casing should be given where loose soil is bore well. Kacing is not necessary if the clay is tart or not to leave the grip. The age of the pump is dependent on clean water. If the water is dirt, then there may be problem of blocking the pipes and failure of the pump.

Open boulders and stone areas should be made full (full) casing or slightly larger bore, so that the pump is not stuck.

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