Finolex Casing & Ribbed Screen Pipes are manufactured using a special PVC-U compound which makes them ideal for the transportation of hard, salty, sandy, or chemically aggressive water. These pipes are also anti-corrosive, which prevents the chemicals in the soil from affecting them. The Finolex protector range of PVC-U plain Casing and Ribbed screen pipes are specially designed to ensure clean, clear water from bore-wells, whether shallow or deep.


Finolex Casing and Ribbed Screen Pipes are better than conventional metal piping because they are lightweight, they do not corrode and they last for years. Casing and Ribbed Screen pipes maintain water quality, and are recyclable, compared to conventional metal piping. Casing pipes are easy to install as the threaded ends ensure that the pipes can be screwed onto each other without the use of cement or adhesives.


Finolex offers a wide range of Casing and Ribbed Screen pipes; CS (Shallow well casing), CM (Medium well casing) & Ribbed Screen pipes. This range is manufactured conforming to IS: 12818 and caters to the varied requirements of bore-wells.


(Confirming to ASTM D 1785)

Finolex offers a wide range of Schedule 40 Casing Pipes ranging from 40mm (1/2″) to 125mm (5″) & Schedule 80 Casing Pipes of 125mm (5″)

The pipes confirm to ASTM D 1785



The Finolex SDR series Casing pipes are specially designed for shallow wells i.e. well depths from 12 meters to 24 meters. These pipes are blue in colour and come in a standard length of 6 meters. SDR Series Casing pipes have a selfit type of joint.

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