Environment & Safety Initiatives

We are committed to achieve the highest standards of environmental excellence by adopting environmentally sustainable and effective operating systems and processes in our plants. At Ratnagiri, the company has put in place the internationally acclaimed Environment Management System under ISO 14001.

Finolex fully complies with all applicable environmental regulations in respect of air, water, noise, hazardous waste, e-waste etc. to mitigate the potential environmental impact on the society. Finolex 43 MW Captive Power Plant at Ratnagiri has also achieved 100 % utilization of Fly ash as per the requirements of Fly ash Notification (issued by Ministry of Environment & Forest).

At Ratnagiri, we have installed an elaborate safety system with the latest Process safety Management practices. The company has been awarded the winner of the “Best Safety Practices Award – 2015” by Directorate of Industrial Safety & Health, Maharashtra and National Safety Council – Maharashtra Chapter for its PVC manufacturing plant situated at Ratnagiri. Our manufacturing plants are well equipped with the latest fire safety equipment. The plant has its own fire fighters who are capable of performing fire and rescue services at par with the other Petrochemical plants. To keep the fire-fighting system up-to-date and alert, mock drills and fire drills are performed through-out the year as per the “Onsite Emergency Management Plan” with the participation of all key personnel at the factory. Firefighting services are offered to nearby villages/communities as well as Ratnagiri city and industries around Ratnagiri. Finolex believes in “Service Beyond Self”.

Prevention of air pollution

Finolex has installed processes to comply with the requirement of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards. All the parameters including particulate matters, sulfur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen are analyzed as per the standards. All stack emissions are also regularly monitored and the flue gas quality is maintained under control as per the specifications laid down by the pollution control board. CPP stack is installed with on line monitoring system and ready for connection to MPCB.

Zero effluent discharge

As part of its endeavor to keep the environment and water bodies around its plants at Ratnagiri, free from contaminants and pollution, the aqueous effluent generated during the process of manufacturing PVC undergoes various treatments in company’s world class effluent treatment plants. These treatments include, equalization, flocculation, floc separation, aeration activated sludge process, clarification, polishing using activated carbon filter etc. The treated effluent is checked every day to ensure that it meets with MPCB specifications. It further gets treated for removal of contaminants through ultra-filtration and demineralization to recycle it back into the process water. Thus, Finolex has successfully achieved its goal for zero discharge. The remainder is being used for gardening, horticulture and tree plantation purposes. The ground water quality is regularly monitored by sampling and analyzing the bore well water.

Commitment to environment

Finolex has planted and nurtured more than 50,000 different kinds of trees including fruit bearing trees such as mangoes, chikoo, cashew, coconut etc. within the PVC manufacturing plant and the captive power plant premises. The tree plantation activity is carried out annually during the week-long celebrations of World Environment Day commencing on 5th of June every year.

Rain water harvesting

Finolex has built a check dam on a nearby river and pumps this, otherwise wasteful water to the plant and collects it in two large reservoirs. These reservoirs also collect rain water from nearby lands. The check dam has also helped in bringing up the ground water table within the vicinity and has helped the villagers in availability of drinking water throughout the year.


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