Community development

Empower women

In order to give women power in the society, Mukul Madhav Foundation, started a computer class at Muksal Madhav School for the women of Fonsered Grameen Mahila Vikash Kendra and for the students of the students. In the year 2013, the courses were started in the range of Mukul Madhav School for very low paisa. Classes are handled by the school teacher, master of the classes.

We understand the importance of educating the mothers of our students and introducing them to English language, because later it will make them easy to take responsibility for their children’s academic development. With this in mind, we also started basic English training for them.

Apart from this, a ‘Handicraft Workshop’ was organized for the women of the Grameen Women Development Center, so that the women in the village could be given an opportunity to increase their earning capacity.

As a small step to solve the problems of drinking water faced by villagers, with the help of the village panchayat in the villages surrounding the village of Golap village, we have started an operation to set up a water supply project.

Under the ‘State Grameen Paizal Yojana’, Pinochet, Kolambhai, Bhatya and Phaps villages have helped the village panchayats substantially. As long as these schemes are formulated, we supply water to the wells in the villages, provide them pumps, provide pipelines and water tanks. The Company also provides financial assistance to the village panchayats to maintain the existing water supply, as well as repair costs, electric bills etc.

Water conservation

On the occasion of ‘International Water Day’, we are presented with a video in front of the people on our digital platform, where we make everyone aware of the importance of water conservation. We educate the audience and tell about the many easy ways in which they can save water and apply them in their daily life. Many parts of Maharashtra were experiencing terrible drought and we saw very water crisis there, and then we decided to reach water to the injured peasant brothers. Due to drought in many parts of Maharashtra this year, there has been a deep water crisis. Therefore, we see the road to establish a relationship with rural audiences with rural audiences. With this viewpoint, we request the people for water storage and reach the water logged areas of Latur in Maharashtra.

On 5th June, 2015, on the occasion of ‘World Environment Day’, we launch an innovative campaign on the social media platform, which is #PikikitarAmathbahao (#Walmatobaidiona). We started this campaign by mentioning the problems caused by the loss of water through a video and created awareness about the importance of water conservation. It has been possible to convey water to the society through a message called ‘Zelmatobayadona’, to save water and not to waste water.

Also, as a part of CSR activity, Finolex has taken a project to provide water to the villagers. Similarly, in the village a water purification unit has been set up in a well in the village, which has greatly benefited the villagers.



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