Gully Trap
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Gully Trap

Used to prevent foul odours emitted from the sewer from reaching buildings and apartments. Gully traps are provided on wastewater pipes before they are connected to the building sewer through a chamber. The main purpose of a gulley trap is to prevent foul air from entering the building through wastewater pipes. It should maintain a 65mm water seal at all times. It is essential the gulley trap is embedded in cement concrete and housed in a brick masonry chamber, well plastered from inside and outside and fixed with an airtight cast iron cover. It should also be cleaned regularly and debris, if any, should be removed.

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Technical Specifications for Finolex
Nominal Size L A W X D D1 D2 D3 a B P Q R S Cat no. package
160 x 110 (Single Outlet) 291 196 155.3 161 110 188 105 158 132 171 215 61 28.5 1457160992100 7
160 x 110 (Double Outlet) 291 196 310.6 155.3 161 110 188 105 158 132 171 215 61 28.5 1457160992101 6
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