The Gujarat Cotton Seed Grower’s Story

Jethabhai Manjibhai Patel is a farmer from Halvad, Gujarat. He was the President of Bhartiya Kisan Sangh, Gujarat State in past and hence has awareness on issues related to farming and new age solutions towards those.

Jethabhai Patel is well known in the farming community in Gujarat today because of his achievements. Today, Jethabhai Patel, supposedly a cotton seed grower grows cash crops like mangoes and pomegranate etc.

Six years back Jethabhai along with his friends changed his irrigation system using Finolex products, Jethabhai laid a pipe network of 13,000 mainly using 250 mm 2.5 kg Finolex PVC pipes 13000. Local Finolex Dealer Nanavati Corporation was instrumental in guiding Jethabhai.

New agricultural system with the use of Finolex products helped Jethabhai make use of every single drop of water that lead to better water management resulting to increase of crop yield giving bumper crop of cotton seeds.

Jethabhai Patel’s project was declared by Gujarat government as a model project of lift irrigation of Gujarat state. Many farmers from surrounding area also visited this project to know how to best conduct farming with the help of Finolex PVC pipes.

Better yields boosted Jethabhai Patel’s confidence and slowly Jethabhai ventured into cash crops like mangoes, pomegranate etc. Farmers from Jethabhai Patel’s regions could have never dreamt of growing cash crops.

Jethabhai Patel’s success has reflected today into the wealth he has created for his family and a legacy of and inspiration he provides to the farmers of entire region.

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