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About Finolex

Finolex Industries Limited (FIL) is India’s largest and only backward integrated PVC Pipes manufacturer. With a market legacy of 40 years, Finolex Pipes is associated with a strong identity of bringing forth an impeccable range of products across the Plumbing, Sanitation, and Agricultural segment.

Powered by a robust drive and purpose of growth, Finolex Pipes has been awarded as one of India’s most trusted brands. The network today encompasses 900 dealers and 21000 retail touchpoints across the urban and rural landscape of India.

CPVC Pipes

FTA Female Thread adapter. (Fitting - Agricultural fitting)

Heavy Pressure Plumbing Pipes - 15kg

PUC-U Agricultural RIngfit pipes

Column Pipes

PUC-U Solvent Cement

Sewerage Pipes

SWR Pipes with Integrated Rings

Plain Tee Door (SWR Fitting)

Tank Nipple (ASTM Pipe fitting)


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