Features & Benefits Column Pipes

1. A specially designed square threaded profile gives the pipes an optimum load holding capacity.
2. Anti-abrasion and anti-corrosion properties which ensure a long life.
3. The smooth internal surface of the pipe reduces energy consumption due to friction-free water flow, increasing the life of the pump.
4. The high torque resistance locking ensures excellent mechanical strength.
5. Easy to install.
6. Non-toxic, rust and deposit free.
7. Lead-free.
8. Obtains higher well yields than conventional metallic pipes.
9. High tensile strength.
10. Lightweight and can be quickly transported.
11. The EPDM “O” rings provide trouble-free operations and fully water-tight joints.
12. More economical than Mild Steel (MS) pipes.
13. Manufactured with a bi-axially oriented production technique.
14. High impact strength.
15. The bell end variant of the column pipe is lightweight and economical.

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