About Solvent Cement 

Solvent Cement is used to join two or more pipes or join a pipe to a fitting or a fitting to a fitting. A solvent joint has about eight times the strength that it needs. Its quality plays a major role in the strength of the joint formed.


Manufactured under license from INVOGUE LABS INC, New York, U.S.A., Finolex markets solvent cement for diverse applications like Agriculture, Sanitation, PVC-U & CPVC Plumbing. Known for its strict & Stringent in-house quality measures, Finolex ensures superior quality & consistency to the joints formed using this solvent cement.


Our LOW VOC product were developed by advance R & D initiatives, which will continue to offer the same high quality performance and installation properties yet reducing the volatile organic compound of the material thereby helping the environment & improving the health of applicator.

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